• Values

    The idea of forming this team is born of the desire to motivate our children in the world of science and technology. Most of them had never done anything robotic, and soon they got involved and excited about this project.

Our values

  • Friendship and family.
  • Responsability.
  • Superation.
  • Personal growth.
  • Respect.

The values of the First Lego League

While the teams developing the scientific and game robot, integrating the values FLL (including discovery, coopertició, respect, teamwork). They are the cornerstone of the program that distinguish FLL and other programs of its kind. In adopting these values, participants learn that the friendly competition and mutual benefit are different goals, and respect for others is the basis of teamwork.
  • Gracious Professionalism (Cortesia Professional): Encourage good work, both their own and others, value others and respect for both individuals and the community.
  • Coopertition (Coopertició = Cooperació + competició ): Compete, help and learn from other colleagues, teams and coaches.