Season 16/17

  • First Lego League

    The idea of forming this team is born of the desire to motivate our children in the world of science and technology. Most of them had never done anything robotic, and soon they got involved and excited about this project.

It has been a difficult process: to form the team with children so young and of so different ages, to establish strategies to work to obtain a good result, to combine it with the studies and so many activities, etc. We could only meet on Saturdays and some Sunday to be able to put in common the work that each one had done during the week and to be able to work the robotics.

Animals Allies

Kids have to design a robot with the LEGO Mindstorms EV3 kit, which have to solve a series of tests and get the robot to make the maximum score, called ‘the game of the Robot’. You have to look for strategies and work creativity in a collaborative way.
The team have to defend a scientific project to the judges. This year the theme tries to pose a problem and seek a solution where animals and people can help each other. The VILABOTS, after much discussion, decided that the theme of the project would be related to the Bats. After talking with experts in chiropters, we have built and hung nest boxes with the support of the city council and we are working on a scientific project of the Museum of Granollers to study the bat population of Little Horseshoe, a native species of the Natural Park of the Montseny, Reserve of the Biosphere, and look for ways to avoid its extinction with the support of the ‘Diputació de Barcelona’. We have also performed a Triptych with the ACER association and with the support of the Department of Biodiversity of ‘Generalitat de Catalunya’.

The team have to show the design and programming of the robot to impress the judges.

The initial objective was to form the team to participate in a dignified way in the competition of the eliminatory phase of the Vic Universty.  It was a medium-term project, keeping in mind that the team is very young. For us it was a great surprise, but at the same time a great illusion, to qualify in the first place of this round and participate at the Spain’s final, which took place on March 18 in Logroño.
The Grand Final took place in Logroño on 18 March. Although the level was very high, the teams generally made up of boys and girls at the age limit allowed (from 10 to 16 years old) and our very young team, we had a great success, getting the ‘Premio LEGO Educations ROBOTICS a las Jóvenes Promesas’. This award has allowed us to qualify to participate in the competition Legoland North American Open, in San Diego (California) from 19 to 21 May.

1st Prize Fundació
Scentia to the winner

Universitat de Vic

February 18th, 2017

Prize Lego Education Robotics
to the Youth Promises


March 18th, 2017
Lastly, we would like to point out that 12,000 boys and girls participated in 1600 teams, of which only 51 were classified for the state final, of these 20 were Catalan teams, and only our team came from the region of Vallès Oriental. And of the 5 qualifying places to go to the USA (3 places in Sant Louis, 1 place in California and 1 place in Arkansas), there’re 3 catalan teams. The other two teams are from the FEDAC El Vendrell school and the Viaró School.

We are the only team that competes as families.

We are the only European representative on the American championship.